At National History Academy, we believe that history is the most important resource to understand where we are as a country today. Knowing where we’ve been gives us the tools to prepare for a better future. The Academy will give you an opportunity to explore the sources of many of America’s current challenges through meaningful discussions with fellow students from around the country. Join us to study defining moments in our history while relating those moments to the important issues we face as a nation today.

Residential Programs

High School
Residential Program

10th -12th Grade Students

Students will walk in the footsteps of leaders who helped define and shape the American story and focus on critical events in our history – the creation of the Constitution, political division leading to Civil War, Martin Luther King’s fight for civil rights and voting rights, and women’s struggle for equal rights in America – while relating our country’s history to the serious challenges we face as a country today.

It’s all about everyone bringing their perspectives to the table because that’s what the fabric of the country is built on. Dr. King said it was his dream that this nation would rise up to live out the true meaning of its creed, and we all have a little bit different idea of what that means, but what binds us together is the idea that we can exchange ideas and live on.
Ben Kellerhals, Surprise, AZ